Powder Coat

Chico Metal Finishing, Inc. has provided powder coating services to Northern California since 1999. We were asked to provide this finish by several anodize customers whose precision parts were being treated as if they were fence posts. Our proven ability to provide high quality coatings that are masked to print and packaged properly make us a good choice for your demanding powder coat finishing. We will also be happy to do your fence posts as well as any metallic material that is conductive and will withstand a temperature of 400F.

Powder coating technology has expanded so much in recent times almost any imaginable color and texture is available. Most finishes are available out of a catalog but custom color and texture matching is available from most powder manufacturers. We commonly use Cardinal, Tiger Drylac, and Rohm and Haas, for our powder materials. We have had great success with Spray Lat, for custom color matching. We maintain a color / texture inventory of over 200 options and cataloged items not in stock are typically available within one to three working days. Custom colors are usually available in two to six weeks.

Masking of powder coated parts requires the knowledge and tools for reading your prints and laying out a variety of materials to achieve the desired end result. This skill is very much a specialty here at Chico Metal Finishing. We have the tools and materials to achieve just about any desired mask.

We have invested in modern application equipment utilizing digital temperature controls on our oven and custom microprocessor programs for power settings on our Nordson gun system. Our spray booth and oven are 8' X 8' X 6' high allowing us to process parts as much as 10'6" long corner to corner in the oven.

We take pride in our service and quality, we usually require less than a week, often just a day or two to complete your project.

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