Chemical Film

Chico Metal Finishing, Inc. has provided chemical conversion coatings to Northern California since 2000. These coatings are commonly referred to as "Alodine", or "Iridite" which are brand names for the process properly known as chromate conversion coatings for aluminum. These coatings provide a chromate based film on aluminum that is commonly used for paint or powder coat preparation or a coating that is electrically conductive but offers some corrosion protection. We offer two different types of chromate conversion coatings.

Clear Chromate Conversion Coating

Our clear chromate conversion coating is based on chemistry using trivalent chromium which offers the benefit of being ROHS compliant. This newer material is also somewhat more heat resistant which makes it a superior preparation for powder coating aluminum. As the name implies this coating is clear and the silver-white appearance of your aluminum product shows through.

Gold Chromate Conversion Coating

Our gold chromate conversion coating is based on chemistry using hexavalent chromium which delivers colors which can range from a rich gold all the way to a pale yellow. This material is not ROHS compliant due to it's "hex chrome" content but is a proven chemistry that until recently was the only material to satisfy the Mil-C-5541 requirement.

We can process parts up to 30" in length on a regular basis and can accommodate parts up to 40" in some cases. Please call if your parts exceed 30" in any dimension.

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